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HRP Mamas Support Groups

HRP Mamas offers a robust calendar of FREE peer support groups for mothers with children of all ages - and those who are expecting. 

HRP Mamas Mothers Peer Support Circles [Facilitator-led]

Our weekly, free, facilitator-led, peer support groups include:

• Expectant Mothers Circle - more info here
• 0-6 Month Mothers Circle
• Post-maternity Leave Support Group
• 6-18 Month Mothers Circle
• Toddler & Preschooler Support group

Each Mothers Circle offers a private chat group for participants to use for meeting up and connecting outside of the group sessions.
Mother’s Circles are led by experienced peer facilitators - mothers themselves - who have completed trainings in perinatal maternal mental health.

Frequent topics of discussion include:

Understanding The 4th Trimester 
Infant Sleep (a.k.a. When Do We Get Some?)
Shifting Partner and Family Dynamics
Heading Back to Paid Work / Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom / Working From Home
Your Pelvic Floor & Self-Care Strategies
• Sibling Adjustment & Toddler Behavior
• Parent Adjustment & Family Growth
• The Mental Load

HRP Mamas Lactation and infant feeding support Groups [IBCLC-Led]

HRP Mamas offers free weekly IBCLC guided lactation and infant feeding support groups. 

Join other HRP Mamas for a drop-in breastfeeding and infant feeding support circle! Expectant mamas are also welcome to attend these groups to start learning about troubleshooting infant feeding and breastfeeding issues. 

Mamas share questions about their breastfeeding, pumping, weaning experiences with an International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner (IBCLC). Discussion follows an “around the room” Q&A format and centers around the questions mamas bring to the group. 

Common topics of discussion include:

• 0-3 month routines ( or lack thereof :) 
• Breastfeeding and intro to solids
• Pumping and bottle feeding 
• Weaning 
• Preparing to go back to work 
• Combining breast and bottles
• Struggles and challenges

More HRP Mamas Support Groups

Additional ad hoc peer support groups and support subgroups available on the HRP Mamas platform include:

• Peer-led Mothers Book Group 
• Mothers of Multiples Circle
• LGBQT Mamas 
• Later-life Mamas
• Neurodiversity Support Group
• Single Mamas Support Group
• Mothers of Black/Black-Biracial Support Group
• Mothers of AAPI kids Support Group
•Mothers of Tweens & Teens Support Group

Additional groups form as needed via our subgroups.

Registration information can be found on the HRP Mamas events calendar or in the member only calendars of the online community.