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The HRP Mamas New Mom Support Groups

The HRP Mamas New Moms Group Series is a weekly facilitated support and informational resource group for moms of newborns and infants. Our New Mom Support Groups meet at private, baby-friendly, venues in TriBeCa, but during social distancing are being offered to our members as private, non-recorded, Zoom groups.

These groups are a wonderful way to receive guided support from childbirth and parent educators, while sowing the seeds for long lasting friendships with other local moms.

The series is guided by child development educators with years of experience leading support groups for new mothers.
Mothers share experiences with each other while getting support on:

- sleep
- development
- breastfeeding
- establishing routines
- finding childcare
- co-parenting and much more!

Whether you are a first time mama or a mama who has just had her second, third, fourth child, all mamas with newborns or infants are welcome to register!*

The HRP Mamas New Moms Group Series runs for five weeks and can accommodate a maximum of 12 mothers. Your group will meet weekly for 1.5 hours.
*PLEASE NOTE: siblings older than 12 months cannot be accommodated at these sessions.

For schedule and pricing please visit our Event Registration & Calendar page or email us at

Quotes From Past Participants of the HRP Mamas New Moms Groups

From the first week I was able to see what a difference it made in terms of getting through an overwhelming, confusing time with more confidence.
All my questions and concerns were addressed from week to week, and for the ones I was too nervous to ask out loud, Vanessa made sure we dealt with them.

When the internet and family advice left me in doubt, I knew I could come to this group and hear personalized information that made sense for my family.
We were always encouraged to be real and honest, to come as we were, no matter what. I often showed up unshowered, in my yoga pants, vulnerable and tired, and left feeling rejuvenated.

From discussing in-laws to the witching hour to guilt to pumping to contraception, this group helped me feel safe to deal with the big and little things on my mind.
I'm so glad I invested in the support group. I picked up quite a few useful tips and techniques, but the best part for me was just having a pleasant, stress-free social activity to look forward to each week. Vanessa sets a very warm and genuine tone for the group.

Having a newborn is exciting, amazing and unnerving all at the same time. Meredith created a safe and welcoming space for us to talk about everything and anything that was on our minds as new mothers. We talked about fussiness, sleep, the challenges of recovering from the childbirth while simultaneously trying to fulfill this new role and lots of other topics. I looked forward to our meetings every week and always left feeling understood.
The group was more than a reason to leave my apartment every week...It was a place where I learned to realize, under the friendly and knowledgeable guidance of Meredith, that I wasn't alone in this new and sometimes overwhelming journey of becoming a mother. I looked forward to our weekly meetings as a time to socialize, brainstorm the challenges we all faced, and celebrate milestones - not just of my baby's, but mine too! Even now, I continue to meet up with the other moms I met, and I'm thankful I could start building a new circle of friends because of this group.