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HRP Mamas Meet-Ups & Playgroups


HRP Mamas believes in the importance of community, peer support, and friendships. Pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, matrescence, new motherhood, new fatherhood, and becoming a parent, are major life transitions. Experiencing these life events with a solid network of peers who are in the thick of it with us, can transform isolating and difficult experiences, into the beginning of great friendships. 

At HRP Mamas, we take an active role in helping mothers and fathers connect with each other for social events and support. HRP Mamas was born in 2004 as a small mothers circle and playgroup. We have made it our mission to keep this grassroots tradition alive so that new generations of mothers may find, connect, and support each other. We are so honored to know that our organization has helped families build life-long friendships.

Our team helps facilitate regular and recurring meet-ups in the HRP Mamas subgroups by due/birth date, in the HRP Papas group - and in many other affinity based subgroups. Subgroups by due/birth date offer private chat groups for mamas in Battery Park City, FiDi, Tribeca, SoHo, West Village, Chelsea, Lower East Side, and the East Village to help make meet-ups easy and friendly. 

Whether you are an expectant mama, a first time mama, a new papa, or a mom of two or more children, there are meet-ups for you!

HRP Mamas subgroup calendars are busy with recurring HRP Mamas organized and member volunteer led events. The group provides plenty of opportunities for members to connect in real life with one another. In our subgroups you will find:

Group walks
• Playground and park meet-ups
Coffee chats
• Lunch meet-ups
Weekend picnics
Playgroups hosted by volunteers
Class pods
Group exercise events
Mom night outs
Papa night outs

If you are an existing member of HRP Mamas, please click here to see our member only calendar of meet-ups and playgroups.

If you belong to HRP Papas, please check the HRP Papas calendar for the next meet-up.

* All HRP Mamas grassroots meet-ups are free of marketing or advertising of any kind.