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Please Note - If you are renewing a lapsed subscription: 

If your subscription to the HRP Mamas Online Community has lapsed and you are no longer subscribed to, we will be re-adding you in the next 24-48 hours after renewal. If you prefer immediate access, please email us today at: to be re-subscribed.

If instead, your subscription to  is still in effect - and you have renewed prior to expiration - you don't need to do anything further, other than completing the renewal payment.

Thank you for your support!

HRP Mamas
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Join HRP Mamas and start building your community of mama & papa friends! Upon joining you will be added to small chat groups by due/birth date of child and neighborhood, and will have access to weekly free peer and lactation support groups for expectant mothers, new mothers, and parents of toddlers. Plus many grassroots local in-person meet-ups and fantastic low-cost prenatal and parenting workshops.
All for one low annual fee of $65. 

Founded in 2004, The Hudson River Park Mothers Group, is a non-profit organization that fosters community, and supports mothers, expectant mothers, and parents of children of all ages in Downtown Manhattan - online and in person.

HRP Mamas is a support group, and a social-educational resource. HRP Mamas provides mothers with free weekly facilitator-led peer support groups and free lactation support groups - during pregnancy and beyond! Our online community is a robust and compassionate resource for verified parents throughout Downtown Manhattan. From our advice groups, to our subgroups, to the classifieds, HRP Mamas is a widely used parenting resource as well as a wonderful place to find childcare and used gear.

We connect expectant mothers and new mothers to each other in subgroups by due/birth date - and by neighborhood for in person meet-ups.
Our subgroups by due/birth date have weekly local meet-ups with their own private chat groups.

We offer a robust calendar of prenatal and parenting workshops, guided playgroups, and speaker events open to all. We also take an active role in connecting fathers to each other on HRP Papas, and offer many affinity-based subgroups for members who may share professional and personal interests with each other.

The HRP Mamas custom private online community is not social media, but rather an extension of our organization, guided by our mission of providing meaningful support and community. Our online community is hosted on a bespoke app - free of algorithms, data brokers and influencers. HRP Mamas brings together parents for peer-to-peer advice, connection, and education. Members of the HRP Mamas online community are all verified local mothers and fathers, who reside in TriBeCa, Battery Park City, the Financial District, the South Street Seaport, SoHo, NoHo, West Village, Greenwich Village, Two Bridges, Civic Center, Chinatown, Lower East Side, the East Village, Gramercy, Flatiron, Chelsea and other areas of the Lower Manhattan portion of New York City.

We look forward to welcoming you! Click HERE to join!

Here are some of the ways in which the HRP Mamas online community differentiates itself from groups often found on social media platforms:

Our online community is private, safe, and for members who have been verified via reference or at meetings with coordinators.
We want our members to get to know each other. Every prospective member comes through a personal referral from an existing member; if an applicant doesn’t have a reference, our team welcomes them during a virtual meeting. We are a community and a support group because we know each other. Our experienced administrators have been trained to ensure our posts comply with community guidelines to genuinely support our members.

We are here to support mothers and fathers, not profit from them.
HRP Mamas is a non-profit organization. Our subscription and workshop fees are kept affordable, and we offer sliding scale options as well as waivers and need-based scholarships. For a small annual fee members receive: a vetted private online community, subgroups by due/birth date, local chats for meet-ups, free weekly breastfeeding support groups, free weekly mother's talk circles, access to guided new mom support groups with educators, and member rates to all HRP Mamas educational events. Our bespoke app and online community does not track data, it does not have algorithms in place, there are no ads on our member only online community. Our staff are not social media influencers, brand ambassadors, or bloggers. Our team is a dedicated group of parents passionate about maternal wellness, parenting and the Lower Manhattan community. Our organization is here to provide a long-term commitment to the well-being of mothers in Lower Manhattan. We keep it simple and true to our mission statement.

And we love to connect Mamas & Papas in real life!

One of the most powerful resources we have is each other — experienced parents who have gone through almost every imaginable situation, new mamas who share the same questions, and so many more just here to listen and assist when they can. HRP Mamas offers plenty of opportunities each week for in person connection. Our educational events and support groups are live on Zoom, while all social events and meet-ups are in person.

Our many HRP Mamas subgroups by due date, by careers, and more -  connect members to one another through an active calendar of FREE weekly meet-ups, lunches, playgroups, mothers circles, book groups, and fun evenings out.

HRP Mamas supports members through an abundant and active calendar of peer-to-peer meet-ups and support groups. We offer expectant mama meet-ups, new mom support groups, breastfeeding support groups, and support groups for mothers in different stages of motherhood. HRP Mamas is proud to serve as parenting resource to all parents - whether members of HRP Mamas or not - through our parent education and support events. We regularly host award winning speakers, best-selling authors, and parenting experts. Our educational events and support workshops are open to all .

The goal of the Hudson River Park Mothers Group is to foster community, and provide support, information, and resources to mothers and parents in Downtown Manhattan. Our support via educational and support events and workshops extends to all parents. Our community is supportive, well-informed, and welcoming. Each member who joins the HRP Mamas online community is vetted through a referral system or via an in-person meeting with a membership coordinator. We strive to keep our space, whether online or in-person, a kind and respectful environment.

HRP Mamas is Downtown Manhattan’s social and support group for mothers - and a parenting resource for families.

The Hudson River Park Mothers Group: Serving Mothers & Families in Downtown Manhattan since 2004 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.